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Monthly Archives: October 2015

MKL Motors – Making Motoring Simple

Land Rover is a British Automobile manufacturer that specalises in the production of 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Land Rover Engines For Sale:

At MKL Motors we aim to offer our clients high quality replacement Land Rover Engines. Opting for a second hand engine is certainly a viable solution however, we feel that a reconditioned engine is a better option due to work that goes into them, while still remaining price competitive.

So what is a reconditioned Land Rover engine ? In simplistic terms, a

reconditioned engine

is one that has been stripped down, examined and then comprehensively refurbished with brand new components. The aim of this procedure is to essentially provide our clients with a ‘like new’ engine. But due to the nature of the Land Rover vehicles, many of their models have powerful engines with large displacements which makes the reconditioning process a lot more sophisticated. Over the years we have a developed a great deal of experience in the field of engine reconditioning and with a highly skilled team of engineers at our disposal we’ve become extremely adept at rebuilding Land Rover engines.

As well as offering our clients replacement engines, we also offer full fitting and recovery services. This option is typically a real bonus for many of our clients as car garages will often refuse to fit Land Rover engines due to the sheer size and complexity of their vehicles.

Give our friendly sales team a call now to discuss your needs further.